Welcome to Canada Stamp Finder; my name is Maxime S. Herold.  Many of you may know me or know of me as I have been involved with Philately for over 30 years.  In working with different companies such as Collectibles Inc.; Darnell Inc.; Rousseau Collections Inc.; Gary J. Lyon (Philatelist) Ltd.; Eastern Auctions Ltd.; Colonial Stamp Company and more recently Brigham Auctions Ltd. as well as many international clients. I realized that personal and individual service is the key to satisfying collectors and their needs. I decided  to start Canada Stamp Finder; a different approach to philately. As the name would imply, I specialize mainly in High End Canadian Philately but I also do Worldwide as my clients have varied interests and often request foreign material.  For the past 11 years I have been helping philatelist buy and sell.  Unlike a normal stamp shop; I specialize in bringing sellers and buyers together acting as a Philatelic Broker.  I work on commission only in order to achieve maximum result for the seller and saving Buyers the Buyer’s Premium which has been slowly rising and can be anywhere from 15% to 20%. I also have been servicing many Want List for my clients whom have been very prominent exhibitors worldwide and others who wish only to acquire the very best. When you are looking for assistance with your collection, I would be delighted to be of service to you.


“The philatelic industry has long suffered from issues involving integrity and it has been refreshing to me to find an individual who has always conducted herself to the very highest standard of ethics.  As a philatelist for over five decades, I have come to rely on her knowledge and advice to further my collecting objectives.  Her insight and advice have been both invaluable and appreciated.  From a customer’s standpoint, she has always attempted to satisfy her customer’s needs by going the extra mile to provide exceptional value and service.  She continually demonstrates good interpersonal skills which has encouraged and strengthened my loyalty to her.”

-Mr. A. J. S. (Michigan/Florida, USA)

“Ms. Herold has been instrumental in helping me build beautiful stamps collections of many countries such as Canada, the United States, France, Russia, Egypt, etc…  I can confirm without hesitation that Mrs. Herold has a very good knowledge of the philately of the above countries and many others.  Every time I have dealt with her, she has always surprised me by her knowledge of the stamp market. I highly recommend Mrs. Herold; serious, honest and dedicated to her clients, she is very well respected in the stamp community both in Canada and the United States because of her experience acquired over many years.”

-Mr. G. R. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

“I have known Maxime for almost 30 years.  Maxime has been especially helpful in bringing to my attention many classic and unique items of North American countries.  I can say without hesitation,  Maxime has been honest and knowledgeable in all my dealings with her. I highly recommend her as truthful, hard working and experienced.  She is very well thought of in the stamp world both in Canada and the United States.”

-Mr. M. S. “Mount Royal Collection” (Montreal, QC, Canada)

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